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Beadboard Paneling

A bead board is a panel which is conventionally used for paneling bath rooms and cooking areas. It is primarily observed in cottages or country inspired homes and interiors.

Beadboard paneling is distinct from other board panels as it appears as thinly elevated stripped indentations referred to as “beads” jointly interlocking resembling that of a board panel, where such derived its name beadboard paneling.  Details of which, board panel is enumerated below.


Beadboard paneling have various material choices to choose from such as the solidness of oak, fir, cedar and PVC fibrous panel. For cottage inspired taste, a choice of fir, pine or cedar made bead board is suggested. An alternative PVC fibrous panel, otherwise known as (MDF) or “medium density fiber board”, colored paint with white is a good option as well for cabin or cabana inspired theme.


Commonly beadboard paneling is a grooved board panel which comes with either the solidness of sheeted wood or PVC fiber board for an articulated appearance once panel is attached.


Bead board panel comes with big or small size sheeted piece. A choice of wooden finished look or cherry as well as maple inspired color finished look can be availed.


Such board panel is usually installed on walls but it can also be used in closets or serve as a support to any shelf and cabinets.

There are other different ways of utilizing bead board panel as a paneling. Mostly it is attached under a chair railing as base board, although, originally bead board panels is intended for wall protection as well as in cooking area serving as an above board waterproof paneling for protection of the upper wall of the sink or at the back of the stoves as protection from liquid splashing on walls when cooking and as well as dining rooms.  


It is easy to clean, ideal for household with children especially little kids that would still constantly run around the entire house. Little tots finger markings on walls can be easily wiped off as well as tots works of arts using crayons are no sweat to wipe out. Kid’s toy mobiles when raced on walls with bead board panel will just bounce only leaving no trace of walls chipped.

Allows places or rooms to be personalized or customized to suit different styles and taste as well as any interior decorating theme desired.

It can transform small sized rooms into appearing wide and roomy. Candidates for such space trick are small sized rooms with higher ceiling, wherein, installing the board panel in a horizontal manner will make the room look a bit wider and roomy. In addition, rooms endowed with a lot of horizontally designed decors, paneling can be installed in a vertical manner to draw eyes of any visitor up to the direction of the ceiling making the room look bigger and high.

It is budget friendly, affordable price even for averaged income individuals.

Its installation is hassle free, very easy D-I-Y (do it yourself) installation guide instructions comes with every purchased of beadboard paneling.

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Suggestive Tips

Whatever cabana, bungalow or chalet designs will be chosen; bead board panels will blend perfectly well, for a Sweden cabana inspired design a white washed paneling looks great.

For beach inspired cabins, a lesser smoothen finished wood colored paint with cream, beige, grey, white or natural finished such as varnish blends perfectly.     

For a country inspired design, the paneled bead board can be colored paint with red and blue or naturally stain for a natural finished look like a real wood. 

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